Jeanine Sciacca, as a John Maxwell Certified Trainer, Speaker and Coach, is offering a YouthMax programme, which is based on four pillars.

The four pillars of YouthMAX are:


  • Diminish the power of the bully.
  • Lift Up – Use your power to help others.
  • Stand Up – Be confident in your value.
  • Pick Up – Help someone who is being bullied by picking them up.

Talent is never enough to succeed in life. It must be coupled with good character.

  • Self-Discipline – Be in charge of your life.
  • Good Core Values – The best insurance for the future.

Self-image – the single most important factor in determining your level of success in life.

  • You must believe in yourself.
  • You determine how others see you.
  • How you see yourself determines how you see others.
  • You determine your future.

Failure is an inevitable part of life

  • Everybody fails.
  • Nobody enjoys it.
  • Learn more from our failures than from our successes.
  • We can learn from failure, change and grow toward success.
“I feel truly blessed and am very grateful to get the opportunity to add value to others and impact people’s lives for the better. I absolutely love what I do, whether it’s a Mastermind, a half-day, full day or 4 day programme. Contributing to the success of others is my passion. One of my greatest joys is to work with our youth, and empower them, with all the necessary tools and techniques which were given to me by the world’s No.1 Leadership guru John Maxwell. This is to ensure that they may build a foundation for themselves, which will carry them through for future successes. I look forward to adding value to you and your loved ones.”

Why not experience the First Pillar of YouthMax yourself?

For just $49 you and your loved ones will walk away with the knowledge to:
  • Deal with bullies.
  • Deal with those bullying others.
  • Recognise what role we play in the bulling relationship.
  • Feel more confident and empowered to stand up and be counted.
  • Add value to ourselves and others.
  • Have a better insight into the value of the YouthMAX full program, delivered face to face as a workshop.

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First Pillar of YouthMAX on Anti-Bullying


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