The Power of Visualisation

So many people hear from so many other people, or personal development gurus, that they should visualise daily. Maybe some of you do visualise daily and I’ll say, “Well done, and keep going!”, and maybe some of you don’t visualise daily but you do it from time to time, and then maybe some of you never use the technique at all.

I want to demonstrate something very quickly and I really want you to do this. As you watch the video, stop and pause it, but try this yourself.  Stand in this position and  turn yourself as far as you can and keep moving the arm until you cannot move it any more, and measure where it can’t go any further and what it points to.

Close your eyes, and don’t move your body, and visualise yourself turning right round much further than that and visualise just for a few seconds, “Yes I’ve gone much further”.

Then open your eyes and do the very same thing, and I can guarantee you will go quite a substantial distance further from just one quick five to ten-second visualisation.

The reason I want you to try this for yourself is to develop a belief on how powerful visualisation is and how it can change things in your life.

So I recommend to everybody – with your goals, with your dreams, with the things you want to accomplish, visualise yourself doing, having or being this, every single day. When you start with a new goal, and whatever it is you want to achieve, do it every day for more than 30 days. Cross the 30-day threshold. Mark it off on a calendar or a 6 x 5 grid. If you skip a day, start again, because you have got to go past 30 days to develop what we call a new neurological pathway.

With the demonstration of how quick just  5 seconds of visualising can increase your performance, can you imagine if you did it every single day and then you did it for more than 30 days? You create a new belief and, my friends, whatever you believe you become. Once you believe it, it will manifest. So I encourage everyone to visualise daily and put your goals into it, and the most important thing when you’re visualising is Emotion. Emotion is the creative force. I hope this has been helpful.

Just to let you know in the Silva Method, we do all the programming of the sub-conscious mind in the alpha state in meditation, using visualisation, using mental rehearsal, creative imagery and that is why it has got to be the single most powerful development programme in the world and it’s been around for the longest time.

So my friends, hope that has been helpful. If you want more information, visit the website.

Have a wonderful day and God bless.

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