Want to have a wonderful life? Develop a sense of wonder. Want to have an awesome life, develop a sense of awe.

We can either live our life as if everything’s a miracle, or we can live a life as if nothing is. So develop and cultivate a sense of wonder and a sense of awe.

It’s like having an appreciation of all of life. I just heard a bird sing now. I am walking by plants that are growing, and I’m standing here next to lavender. Have you ever given any thought to the beautiful fragrance lavender has, have you realised that this plant grows out of brown soil? Soil doesn’t have any perfume, but lavender’s got the most beautiful perfume or even the purple colour.

Thinking about flowers, there are thousands of flowers, beautiful colours, many with fragrances and they all grow out of brown soil. That’s amazing. And have you asked yourself “how was this created?” Really ponder that question.

Because if you really think about it, everything around us in life is truly a miracle. And then I come to the question:

“What about you?”

You are the most complex creation in this universe! A true miracle of creation. If you just think about your hand, how such a complex form of skin, muscle, bone, nails and tissue with blood flowing and exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide and filtering the blood. That’s just in your hand and to think this complex form came from no form; what a miracle of creation you truly are.

So my friends, to have a wonderful life, we need to live every day having a wonderful day. Develop a sense of awe, a sense of wonder, and walk around with a sense of appreciation for everything that’s going on around you.

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