There is a massive difference between WANT and NEED. When we visualise or programme and don’t get what we want, the most likely reason is this difference between need and want.

Desire, Belief, Expectancy = FAITH

When desire is birthed, there is usually an underlining condition that you don’t want, for example, thinking: “I don’t have money” creates the desire that we do want it. When you have the notion of needing something, it means you have the awareness that you don’t have it yet. You may be so focused on this awareness that you don’t have whatever it is yet, that you notice the gap and that gap is what’s keeping it absent from you.

The energy of need is not a positive energy, it is the energy of lack and this brings with it a negative emotion. When we have a desire (a want) and not a need, and we really, really want whatever it is, then we love it so much that we actually imagine ourselves getting it. It is only then, and when we let go and we surrender, and have the faith knowing that we are co-creating with Source, it will manifest. Once you have this desire, you’ve visualised it, let go, surrendered to the outcome, trust it will happen and have the belief that on a spiritual level it is already created, it will manifest.

This is a positive, creative and attractive energy. This is how we manifest/create what we want!

Become aware of NEED versus WANT. When we want or have a burning DESIRE you need to have faith, have a strong BELIEF and expect it will happen, so much so, that you feel the pure joy of having it already.  EXPECTANCY is taking action in the outside world that is congruent with your desire and belief, with confidence it will show up. It is important that all of these are in harmony and that we are not attached to the outcome.  Have faith and trust that things will work out.


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