The Power of Now

Have you ever heard about the book ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle?

If you haven’t, it’s highly recommended. If you have, this will be a good reminder to practise ‘the power of now.’ and for those who haven’t read it, this will help you

The author explains that most of the time, you and I, are either in our head thinking about something in the future, worrying about something, or hoping for something, or we are living in the past. We could be driving, we could even be in company with people and we think about something that just happened (whether it’s positive or negative) and we relive those moments and re-evaluate them, but we are not very present.

So, in your life, especially if you are worrying about something, the best antidote to overcome worry is to practise living in the present moment,The Power of the Now’.  What that means is, the next time you catch yourself not being in the present moment, try to be as aware, as much as possible if you are living in the future or the past.

I recommend just becoming very present of what you are doing in that minute, because remember, the moments in your life that you remember on your death bed, the ones that you will never forget, are the moments when you were in the present and you were living fully second for second.  When we are living in the future or the past, our life actually runs by and we are on autopilot, missing it.

So let’s come back to the subject of worry.  If you are worrying, here’s the tip – just become very, very aware of what you are doing right then in the present. Be aware of all your five senses. What are you looking at? What are you feeling? Can you feel your body? What can you smell? What can you touch? Be aware of your body’s movement while you are breathing, and try and hold that presence for as long as you possibly can.  You will find that within a couple of seconds whatever you are worrying about will just dissolve and as you bring a thought back on worry again, just focus on the power of now.

So the tip for the day is become highly aware of where your minds is, and try to become very present, especially in the company of others. Be fully present with them; listen attentively, presently, actively and enjoy every moment. And even the moments when you are alone, walking outside in nature, be present, notice everything.

So my friends, that’s a tip for a good, happy and wonderful life. Otherwise have a wonderful day and God bless.

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