SILVA Manifesting, 2-Day Live Event

When you think of meditation, what comes to mind?

A yogi passively sitting in a lotus position? Something that takes too long to learn or practice? An unnecessary discipline that doesn’t really make much difference in life?

The truth is, meditation the SILVA way is nothing like that at all!

The Silva Manifesting Seminar offers Dynamic On-The-Go Meditations that can be done anywhere, any time of day and in as little as 10 seconds!!! Yes, you read right, and… they deliver results!

These meditations for today’s lifestyle rely on your ability to access effective states of mind that work for you every time. You will even learn our Open-Eye and One Minute Meditations – and that’s just the beginning!

You will experience 11 new meditations that will change your life and give you a handle on how to manifest more of what you want in life.

Meditations such as:

1. Life Change Exercise – Part 1 uses a form of age regression and will allow you to examine and do away with old subconscious programs and patterns that are running your life.

2. Life Change Exercise – Part 2 uses age progression where you incorporate new thought patterns, new and resourceful beliefs and healthy behaviours to create a strong foundation for all your future manifestations.

3. One Minute and Zap Meditations will turn chaos into flow and keep you connected to your goals throughout the day.

4. Monkey Mind Exercise will help you manage an overwhelmed mind and focus on desired outcomes.

5. Visioning Exercise will use your imagination to take you back to before you were born to connect to your purpose, values, mission and callings.

6. Engaging Fully will strengthen the connection of your spirit, mind, body and emotions as you actualize your goals.

7. Actualization Process will help you discover your exact pattern to successful manifestations.

8. Overcoming Obstacles will introduce you to the amazing and successful “Future You” who will guide you in manifesting your deepest desires.

9. Creating New Beliefs will help you dissolve old, unwanted limiting beliefs and replace them with new and resourceful ones.

10. Choice Points will help you make good choices and decisions for greater success.

11. Money Magnet will help you shift from scarcity towards abundance and open wide the door to receive wealth of all kinds.


Don’t you think it’s time to redefine meditation?

YOU deserve to have it all, and Silva Manifesting can make that happen.

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