Jeanine believes that investing in property should be part of everyone’s financial success. Jeanine is a Senior Consultant for 20-20 Property Advisory, which is a unique research-based property advisory business with 20 years’ experience across financial services and real estate.

20-20 Property Advisory assists clients in achieving their objectives using property as a powerful investment tool.

“Wealthy people either make or hold their wealth in property.”

Robert Kyosaki

A key point of differentiation is a focus on EXIT point prior to acquiring property, which allows clients to better understand their investment and mitigate their risks. Clients address the question of – WHY will someone pay me a significantly higher price for this property in the next few years?

Using a proven specialist proprietary research process, 20-20 Property Advisory identifies key geographic housing regions that will grow in value at an above average rate. We then work with our clients very closely to match the right kind of property to our client’s individual situation. By then monitoring the performance of the investment on a year to year basis, 20-20 Property Advisory is able to provide insight into the benefits of holding or selling the property – this means our clients have an actively managed portfolio in an effort to maximise the returns of the investment.

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