Powerless to Powerful in 3 Steps

by | Aug 31, 2021

Powerless to Powerful in 3 Steps

One of the worst feelings you can ever feel is the feeling of powerlessness. I want to share with you a story; last week, I had extremely low blood pressure, and I was feeling exceptionally lethargic for days, and my blood pressure was ninety-eight over forty – 98/40 – it’s the lower number, the 40 that shouldn’t really be lower than 60, so I looked it up in one of my books, ‘Heal your Life’ by Louise Hay or Conscious Medicine by Gill Edwards. It says in there that very low blood pressure can be caused by thoughts of powerlessness. So I wondered to myself, where am I feeling powerless? On reflection, it was true. This extended lockdown and the feeling that some of my freedoms have been stripped away gave me these thoughts of potentially feeling powerlessness.

I am feeling a lot better this week, so I would like to share three helpful ways to go from Powerless to Powerful.

Wake up in the day with an intention to have a great day, and in that intention, to also tap into your own power. You are way, way more powerful than you can imagine.

Choose your attitude in any given set of circumstances. Like Victor Frankl said, the man who survived the holocaust, “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing, his own attitude” – which you can choose in any set of circumstances.

That leads me to number Three:
Adding Value to People. You are way, way more powerful than you can ever begin to imagine and with intention, and thinking about how you can add value to just one person (or more is better), but just one person a day can give you a lot of your power back. There’s an old story of the guy walking along the beach throwing starfish back into the water. There was a whole wash-up of starfish on the beach, and they were going to dry up in the sun and die. There he was walking along the beach throwing the starfish back into the sea, and a guy came to him, and he saw there were so many of them, and he said, “C’mon, what difference is it going to make? Look how many there are!”, and as he threw one, he said, ‘Well, I made a difference to that one.”

That’s you. You can make a difference to one person in a day, i.e. you have made a difference, and you’ve added value to someone else’s life, whether it be a phone call, just some positive intention, add value, help them, be comforting, lift them up, be the positive attitude, the light in their darkness whatever it may be. Just be your best. Let the best of you show up.

So, if you are working from home and have zoom meetings, then be the best in the zoom meetings. I don’t know, maybe arrive at the meeting with some quote or some piece out of a personal development book and just share it with the team as a bit of inspiration for the day. If it’s adding something to your social media page to uplift people (don’t share bad news, there’s enough of that already), share some positive good news.
Always remember that our attitude is the last of our human freedoms, and we can choose that every day.

So there we have: Intention, Attitude, Adding Value and being your best, and remember, always reflect at the end of every day on how you did, every day, to be your best, to live with intention and add value to others. So I hope that’s been helpful – the three tips, going from Powerless to Powerful. Have a wonderful day, and God bless.

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