Meditation is My Medication

by | Jul 12, 2021



Meditation is my Medication I know some of you have heard me say that before, but this is actually a story I want to share with you of somebody else – a completely random stranger. She came into my office here yesterday, just going from office to office, talking about advertising opportunities.

I just started talking to this lady – her name is Melissa – and she was trying to understand more about the business and what I do, and we started talking about the Silva Method. She then started talking about some health issues that had come up and that she was going for a procedure in about two weeks, so I said, “Look, between now and then, why don’t you just do the Long Relax? It puts your body into the most relaxed state, called the Alpha level, where we go into homeostasis, and your immune system is boosted, and healing is accelerated. It may just give you a better result for your test in two weeks”. Then she said, “Aah, great!”. Then she spoke to me about more health issues, and she said, “Look at my cheeks, I have this hives rash, and I don’t know where it came from and why I have it.” Her cheeks were quite red and a bit bumpy on both sides, and I said, “Well, do the Long Relax and see how you go”. So she did it last night when she got home.

She writes here, ‘Hi Jeanine, I just want to let you know that meditation was superb. My hive cheeks rash has disappeared by 80 per cent overnight. My skin has definitely cleared up overnight and been like this for about 7 days. Love it”. She called me this morning to talk more about it, and she said that she could not believe that she had cream and had been applying the cream, and it hardly did anything. She did the Long Relax once more – then she did it again last night, and 80 per cent has cleared up, so she did it again this morning, and it has even got better since then.

If you know people in your life, whether they have done the Silva Method or not, but they are not that well, or they have a bit of a health issue, or maybe you have had a day when you have maybe had a lot of stress or 2 or 3 days of working very hard and you suddenly feel a bit tired. You feel like you are getting a bit cold and shivery like you just don’t feel that well – just do the Long Relax. I mean it when I say, my ‘Medication is my Meditation’. I do not take tablets; I do not take medicine; I just do the Long Relax.

I remember one day I really felt I was getting sick, and I had to train on Thursday; it was a  Monday, and I thought I am going to get sick or something. I did the Long Relax about three or four times that day. It would help me every time I did it, but when I woke up on Tuesday, I knew I was really going to get sick. I thought there is no way I am going to get sick. I have to train. I did the long relax 11 times on that Tuesday. I promise you, I kid you not, I woke up on Wednesday, and I was absolutely fine. I did it some more again on that day just to make sure my immune system was boosted, and I was in top form by the time it came to training on that Thursday.

So my friends, share this video, please. Share the information. The Long Relax is free. You can get it off my website, either the Or you can find it if you scroll down on the Jeanine Sciacca International website but share this with people. It does help them. It allows the body and people to know the power of their own immune system for self-healing. You have got the most amazing, incredible, miraculous body with the most phenomenal immune system ever. If you just allow it to go back into a state of homeostasis, boy, the immune system is boosted, healing is accelerated, and you can honestly heal yourself quicker and better and faster than any, in my opinion, medication can do, if you just allow your body to heal.

So I hope that’s been helpful. Have a wonderful day, and God bless.

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