Meaningful Monday

Meaningful Monday Free Live Webinar and Meditation Classes

Held every 1st Monday of the month at 8pm Sydney time via Zoom.

Each month we explore a different topic, focused around creating the life of you own design through awareness, intentionality and understanding the nature of reality.

We discuss simple and effective techniques to unlock more of your potential so that you can live your best life.

The webinar includes a guided free meditation class where we set our goals and intentions for the month ahead.

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The purpose is to inspire you, educate you, support you and guide you to live your best life, one step at a time. Feel free to share this event with anyone you care about. Life is a “process” of learning and growing. It’s the small incremental improvements we make daily that create a great life, not a sudden overnight enormous change.

We are all creating our own reality, whether we are aware of it or not. We do this with our thoughts, our emotions and our actions that are mostly driven by our programming or paradigm. We are not responsible for our paradigm, but we are responsible for changing it if it does not serve us. And we most definitely can. There are techniques and methods, that when applied, can overwrite limiting beliefs that are holding us back and allow us to reach more of our potential and live more fulfilling, happier, healthier and wealthier lives.

This event will be hosted on Zoom Web Conferencing Service & access details will be sent to you immediately after registration.

Join me at Meaningful Monday