I’m sure you’ve heard the saying Make Hay While the Sun Shines?

It comes from a proverb, and it’s all about doing things when times are good. Now, I want to talk about making hay whilst the sun shines relating to when you have good times in your life. It’s the best time to practice the things we usually engage in when we’re having bad times. However, I want to talk to you about when times are GOOD for you, so when the sun is shining, now’s the time to make hay. So in other words, when things are going well for you, is the best time to practice the same techniques that people would tend to want to practice when times are tough and things aren’t going so well. And the reason is because when we have good times, we need to create momentum and hold that positive momentum to help us manifest into our life that which we want, and this is the focus for today: Momentum!

1. Momentum is easier to steer than to start

It is easier to steer positive energy than it is to create it, if you don’t have any. So when you’re feeling good, it’s like milking it, getting the most out of it, sotalk about it to everyone around you. Tell people what’s working out for you. Share it. If you’re feeling good, exude it. Smile. Make someone else’s day. Try to spread that to some other person.

2. Momentum is a very powerful change agent

Momentum, and positive energy once you’ve got it going, is  a very, very powerful change agent. It can change your life for the better. So, when we’re having bad times and you think I don’t want this problem, I don’t want this debt, I don’t want whatever it is – just the thought of that is going to bring more of that to you. This is why we need to change our negative thoughts to positive ones.  So when you’re happy, having a good day, think about it all the time, make the most of that energy, keep it going for as long as you can, share it with people, say ‘I’m having a great day!’ and when they ask ‘why?’ tell them why! This positive momentum will create more to be positive about in your life.

3. Feeling good and creating momentum is your responsibility

The other point I want to make is that it is your responsibility to FEEL good. Now some of you might disagree with me, saying, “Jeanine, it’s a fact, I’m having a difficult life”, but I’m going to say it’s STILL your responsibility how you feel. You are responsible for your feelings. No one can control your thoughts. So when I talk about positive energy and creating momentum, when you’ve got something positive going, I’m saying to you it’s YOUR responsibility to create it, and its your responsibility to KEEP it going! And be conscious of it!

4. Positive energy and momentum begins INSIDE of YOU

The last thing I want to mention Is that good thoughts and positive momentum begin inside of us. No matter where your life is.  If your life is not in a good place then you need to start creating positive momentum, because this is what you need to help turn things around for you. Once you’ve got it, the easier it is to hold onto it. When you don’t have it, it’s much harder to get started. So that’s what I’m saying, make hay while the sun shines. So do whatever you can to focus positively when things are bad.

If your life is in a good place, and whilst you’ve got that good thing going, really get your vision into your mind more.  Think about your vision and think about it with passion. Think about it with enthusiasm. And the more we cultivate those emotions and keep them going longer, the better and better things will turn out for you.

So my friends, make hay while the sun shines. If you’re having a good day, keep that feel good, feel good, feel good going and things will just get better and better for you. And if you’re not in such a good place, it’s your responsibility to get that positive momentum going any way you can, and this will help you turn things around to have a better and better experience.

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