Living in the Flow: Part One

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I love this quote, ‘Faith is not belief without proof, its trust without reservation.’

What I have come to understand is that faith is honestly the power-principle of all time. Any time that someone says, ‘That’s a miracle’, and I mean a miracle, it was because of faith. Faith has achieved the impossible. Faith is actually something that we cultivate. It is like a body-builder building a muscle; you have to develop it. It’s having that connection and awareness of Source Energy a belief in a power and a source that is much more powerful than you are. It makes life far less stressful when you are living your life in the hands of a power greater than yourself. You don’t have to have all that control or have to work everything out and solve all the problems.

Faith is really about belief. When we want to change our life, and accomplish a vision that we have, but have no idea how to live fully day by day, you need to develop a level and degree of faith.

 Belief is when you build a neuro-pathway in your brain that is repeated, and is so strong, that you go from an idea or a wish or a goal to a belief. The minute that you have a belief, it will manifest in your life. It just happens; it does not need your effort. It operates by universal law. Napoleon Hill says, ‘What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.’

 I provide the steps in the book on how you create a new belief and also understanding how the brain works. There are many amazing stories again of my own life, where I moved from a place of trying to control everything in my life to living with faith, and how much easier it was, and how things worked out for me. I write about helping you develop that new belief.

I talk about the power of visualisation, and how you create a new neuro-pathway. I talk about something called the 30-day principle, and explain how that actually works from a neuro-scientific point of view. Doing something for more than 30 days creates a new belief. Also, a daily practice of repeating certain things in mediation helps you get there.  If you have faith you let go of your own logic and your own agenda and the Universe rises up to meet you. The old saying, ‘Let go and let God’ is very true. Perfection unfolds if you do that.

Living with faith is acceptance of what’s happening in your life and that gives you peace of mind, and don’t we all want peace in our lives? I will see you in the next chapter where we move on to ‘Living In the Flow’

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