Living in the Flow: Part One

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This chapter is a crossover between having an awareness of your connection with Source Energy, and finding your life’s purpose this is called Living On Purpose, and it’s exactly that, it means you are living with intention. This is an important chapter because it helps to clarify where you are going in life and how to get there.

 The three tools that we need to live on purpose and create a vision for our lives, and achieve our goals, are understanding, awareness and self-evaluation. Awareness means that you really do create your own reality. You are powerful creators whether you are aware of it or not. If you look at your life right now, whether good or bad, you created that. If they are bad circumstances, you may not want to think that you created them, but the truth is you really did.

 What we need to do is be deliberate and intentional and guide this source energy that is flowing through us, knowing we have the potential to create our own reality of what we really want.   What is your purpose? What vision do you have for your life? A way for you to clarify that is to write out a vision statement to determine clear goals.

 Living on purpose means you have an intention to serve to others which gives you the motivation and inclination to develop and use more of your potential. It requires you to go beyond just your needs. You were born with a specific purpose and this purpose is backed by an intention to serve. I love that because it means that you have to develop more of your potential and that’s success. Success is knowing what your purpose is. Self- evaluation is knowing that everything that happens in your life is feedback. It helps you go back and clarify how you are living on purpose, how are you moulding the energy, and what are you doing to create your life.

 In my book, I have given very clear steps how you go about doing that. This is very powerful and it does work. I explain how you write a vision statement, write goals in a way helps to actually manifest them, and steps on how you go about creating things and speeding things up to achieve what you want in your life. Remember to detach from the outcome. Live with faith. Know that Source Energy will support you. Surrender and actually go with the flow. When we are too attached to how things should play out, we actually restrict that flow of things happening for the best. See you in the next video.

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