I love life. It’s a wonderful continuum of experiences.  These experiences are generally most pronounced in our relationships. Why do people say, “Life is our mirror”? It is because all our relationships, and how people treat you is actually a reflection of our own perception and beliefs about ourselves.  Whenever you experience a situation where people are treating you wonderfully, and showing you lots of love, generosity and kindness, I urge you to give yourself credit. Honour and appreciate that because is a demonstration of the relationship you have with yourself.

On the other hand, if people are not treating you well, disrespecting or doubting you, not believing in you or perhaps they are just plain nasty to you, I want you to consider this as feedback too. Feedback in the sense you are like that with yourself, (not necessarily with others).  It is mirroring your beliefs and your perception about the relationship with yourself.

For example, if someone is not nice to you or you feel like you clash, perhaps you’re just not on the same page, or just being in their company annoys you, I want you to be aware that it is actually demonstrating something that is in you.   The reason you see that in them, is because of where you are in your life right now with yourself.

Love yourself more and you would be far less annoyed. I know that sounds strange, however, it is common to believe only others have flaws. The truth is they don’t.  The flaws you observe are really your own! Everybody is a reflection of their own beliefs and their perception. It is about the relationship they have with themselves.  The question is where in your life are you doubting yourself, if people doubt you? Where in your life are you beating yourself up, if people criticise you?  Where in your life do you need to grow if people are judging you?

Life is your mirror. 

What I’d like you to do in the next day or two, is to take every single experience that you have and every relationship that you have and use it as feedback.  When you have good feedback appreciate it, and when it’s not so good, take the time out and don’t criticise yourself or beat yourself up. When people don’t treat you well, be gentle and kind to yourself and consider that perhaps you need to develop more self-love. The more we love ourselves, the more it is reflected on us.  In life there are people who love others unconditionally, for example saints or other people that you may know in history. The reason that they love unconditionally is that they can’t see flaws in anybody!  Loving unconditionally is something that we can all aspire to achieve.  Unconditional love develops more and more as we learn to love ourselves.

To improve our relationships, we need to start first and foremost by improving the relationship with ourselves.

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Have a wonderful day, and I challenge you to go out and make a difference in the world today, and every day.

With Love and Light,

Better and Better,

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