How Often Should I Meditate?

A question that I get asked a lot is, “How often should I meditate?”

Well, the answer is, daily.  If you can do it twice or three times a day, that’s even better.

If you are not already meditating I would like to suggest that you adopt meditation, as a practice.  Teach your children to meditate, from the youngest age you can. Free apps like “Smiling Minds” or “Headspace” are a wonderful way to introduce meditation.  Be mindful that you need to lead by example, so be the person that is meditating daily first, because children really learn from what they see and not as much from what they are told to do.

Meditation is one of the most beneficial things that we can do for our entire physical health, for our well-being, and also for us to cope in life. In the Silva Method which is a ‘4 Day Dynamic Meditation’ programme, every exercise is done in meditation. This is important because the one advantage when we are in meditation that our brain waves are slower, and we have better access to programme the sub-conscious mind.

Repeated meditation is to train the body and the mind to remain calm. If we can meditate every day, we are actually training ourselves physiologically, mentally, and emotionally to be calm, and the more you do it, the more of a calm person you become over time. This is significant because when you meditate you are actually dissolving stress chemicals. You are teaching yourself to be calm, not just in meditation, but throughout your day especially when you have stressful situations show up.

Once you know what it feels like to be calm, and you get stressed, it really magnifies the difference. If you have been meditating you immediately know how to calm yourself by using your own techniques. However, in the Silva Method we do something called ‘The 3 Fingers Technique’ to immediately access that calm state where you can relax and focus, which is a great tool to have when you are stressed.

Another benefit of meditation is it absolutely helps a person become more creative.  Creativity is what we need for problem-solving skills.  If you have your own business, or you are in a creative line of work, your creativity and business would be improved.

When is the best time to meditate?

Meditating first thing in the morning is first prize. It helps you focus, have more concentration and clarity to deal with whatever challenges you may have.  Clarity is priceless.

Many people ask “Why wouldn’t I meditate at night to sleep better?” meditating at night is beneficial, however if you meditate every morning, you will have a better night sleep every single night.  If you do struggle with insomnia, I highly recommend that you definitely try to also meditate at night before going to sleep.  The other best time to meditate is noon after lunch.  10-15 minutes is all that is needed to return the mind and body to a calm state.

When we meditate our immune system is boosted.  Your health will improve. If you have any condition regardless of what it is, it will get better with daily meditation. Daily mediation also makes a person more optimistic. We seem to have a better outlook on life and more enthusiasm.

One of the most valuable things we can learn to develop is our Intuition. It can guide us in our life and it will always lead us in the right direction. The more you meditate, the calmer you become and the better you can access your intuition.  Sometimes during mediation you can get intuitive insights and answers to questions that you might have had.

The 3 o’ clock slump

Instead of reaching for caffeine, I challenge you to go to some place where you are alone, and close your eyes for a few minutes, and just do some deep, slow belly breathing then go back to work. You will see you that will have far more energy than having a cup of coffee.

So my friends, adopt a daily meditation practise. If you are not sure how to begin, I have a free MP3 called the ‘Silva Long Relax’. I would advise you to watch the short instructional video on my website first, and then you can download the ‘Silva Long Relax Meditation’. I recommend you use it.  The 26 minute long relaxation meditation is equivalent, for the mind and the body, to approximately four hours of natural sleep.

 I hope this has been helpful. Otherwise, have a wonderful day and God bless.

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