Today I’d like to talk you about Faith. In the Silva Method we define Faith as:

Desire, Belief and Expectancy.

Did you know what a powerful change agent Faith can be in your life?

When we have faith, truly anything is possible. That’s when miracles happen, when someone has real faith.

Now, I am not talking about religion here. I am just talking about a state of mind with this idea of faith, that which we believe. So, if you do have faith in your life, for a Higher Power, whether you call it God or Universal Source Energy that is wonderful. However, putting that aside, I am going to talk about faith as something you can cultivate, to create the results that you want in your life. Faith is that conviction that you will achieve whatever it is that you want.

I’ll share an excerpt out of one of my favourite books by Napoleon Hill, ‘Think and Grow Rich’. Napoleon Hill says: “FAITH IS A STATE OF MIND”.

When you think about this, you have full control over your mind. So it is something you can create and cultivate.

Hill says, “Faith is a state of mind which may be induced or created by affirmations or repeated instructions to the sub-conscious mind.”

This is really what visualising or having affirmations is all about. Through repetition, we change our beliefs and this develops faith.

It says, “You may convince the subconscious mind that you believe you will receive that for which you ask and it will act upon that belief. Repetition of affirmations of orders to your sub-conscious mind is the only known method of voluntary development of the emotion of faith.”

“This is the equivalent of saying that any impulse of thought which is repeatedly passed on to the sub-conscious mind is finally accepted and acted upon by the by the sub-conscious mind, which proceeds to translate that impulse into its physical equivalent by the most practical procedure available.”

Therefore, once you have made enough repeated impressions on the sub-conscious mind, it will translate that into its physical equivalent in your life.

Also noting, “It is essential for you to encourage the positive emotions as dominating forces of the mind, and discourage and eliminate negative emotions.”

So, your emotions are your guidance system. As long as you are feeling good as much as possible each and every day. Feel good when you go to bed at night and when you wake up in the morning.

“FAITH is the basis of all miracles and all mysteries which cannot be analysed by the rules of science,” says Hill.

Think about your own life and think about what you really want and know that faith is something that you can cultivate. So my friends, spend at least 5 minutes a day or better than that, visualising, creating those repeated images in your mind, until you are charged with emotions. Make sure that as you go through your day you are aware that you feel good, feel good, feel good.

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Have a wonderful day and God bless.

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