José Silva crafted this sound after many years of research. This is an audial interpretation of Alpha. What the audial nerve hears, the brain waves copy. When the brain is in a calm meditative state of 10 cycles per second it is call the Alpha state. This the most stable brain wave frequency. This where maximum healing occurs, creativity, intuition, focus, calm and the ability to manage and reduce stress.

By:  Aria E. Appleford

I have been fascinated with the Alpha Sound and the impact it seems to have on people.  Simply by playing the sound as low background in a room, I have observed the following:

  • Babies with colic are calmed
  • Two year old tantrums are subdued
  • Children with ADHD seem to be able to concentrate longer and are themselves calmer
  • Teenagers with wild mood swings are calmed
  • Depressed people begin to feel better
  • People are able to sleep better

Obviously I do not have the benefit of trying this on enough people with the above symptoms to qualify as anything more than anecdotal evidence, but it is interesting and worth trying.  The fact that trying the Silva techniques can not harm anyone has encouraged me to try them in every way possible with amazing results.

Dr. Frank Lawless, author of “The ADD Answer,” recently appeared on the Dr. Phil show to discuss his work.  During the course of the show he briefly touched on the brain and the benefits of the Alpha level and how the practice of meditation can benefit these children suffering with ADHD.  The question was posed as to how this could be accomplished, and while Dr. Lawless acknowledged the existence of effective Alpha tapes at his clinic, he regretted the average family would not have access to these audios for use in their homes.

It is available here and very affordable.

I always encourage my students to experiment with the alpha sound in their homes and their own personal situations.  It does not have to be loud and obtrusive – just turn it on and let it play quietly in the background.  You quickly forget it is even on, but the benefits are still there. Excellent to play during meditation too.


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