When you want to achieve a goal, or accomplish something, the very, very ‘First Step’ that is absolutely necessary to be successful, is Desire.

In the wonderful book ‘Think and Grow Rich’, it says, ‘Step One is Desire’.

A little bit of fire makes a little bit of heat. You can’t just have a desire, you have got to have a burning desire – an all-consuming passion for this thing that you want.

Many people say they want something; they want to reduce 5 kilos – they just never do. They want to quit smoking – they continue smoking. The reason that this kind of thing happens is that they do not have a strong enough desire.

Desire is something that you can intentionally fuel yourself because it is actually a mindset that you develop by saying, “I really want this thing!”, and every single day you convince yourself that you want this thing.

There is a wonderful story about all these boats with people on them that came to this island which they wanted to conquer, but on the island, the enemy greatly outnumbered those that arrived on the boats. So the leader burnt the boats. There was no retreat. There was no way to go back. So they either had to win and conquer the enemy or they were going to die. They won. It is a mindset and desire is a mindset.

In my own personal story, when I was contemplating leaving corporate and working for myself, I was scared, and some days I was terrified. But when I made the decision, I burnt my own boats. This is a commitment you make to yourself. So when it comes to desire, the first thing is you have got to have a burning desire. So be sure that it is something that you really, really want and if it is not, forget about that goal and move on to things that you really want, and put all your energy and focus there. So be clear what you want and have a burning desire.

And then have the mindset – burn your bridges.  There has got to be this unquestionable faith and you have got to convince yourself that you will win. So my friends, when you have a burning desire and you convince yourself that you can do it, that is the first step to accomplishing any goal.

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