Flexibility – Be Like the Palm Tree

If you watch a palm tree during a terrible storm or cyclone, they bend; they are really flexible, so that they can weather the storm. Trees that are very rigid cannot weather the storm because they are not that flexible when the wind gets really tough, and therefore their branches break. This is a prefect analogy for us to learn from nature. So, my recommendation is: be more flexible.

Let me give you a couple of reasons why you need to be more flexible in life:

1. When you are facing adversity, you will have a better outcome, and more of a chance to succeed, if you are flexible. Think of a living branch of wood that is flexible versus a dead one that is dry and brittle. The brittle one snaps. So, where in your own life can you be more flexible?  It is flexibility that will help you deal with adversity.

2. When I was working in corporate and people were being made redundant. The company changed the team; they took away our resources to produce our reports, so a lot of the support that we were getting fell away. This added extra workload onto us. The people that could not deal with the change were frustrated and unhappy every day. As a result of that negative emotion they were unhappy and less successful. Fortunately I was very aware of having an optimistic mind set and knew how important that is in times of change. This helped me be more open minded and flexible in times of change.  I said to myself, “Well, this is a change, and now I have to do my own reports. The report team is gone, so be it!  Let me get on with it! It’s an opportunity to learn a new skill.”

Therefore, by being more flexible, I found myself having greater success. It gave me an opportunity to be creative and find other ways to get the same thing done. This helped elevate my skillset.  This helped me get better results and I was happy every day, as opposed to being unhappy.

When you are more flexible, you tend to go with the flow.  This gives you a feeling of harmony, inner-peace and calm – and isn’t that what we all want?  This is one of the most important goals in life, not money and acquiring things.

People who are inflexible get sick a lot because they are always in a state of resistance. Just go with the flow. Be more flexible.

If you would like another resource that has a bit more depth to it, go to on my YouTube channel ‘Silva Method Australia’.  I do a talk on the first Monday of the month. It is called Meaningful Monday and it’s a free webinar. Please watch ‘Change or Stagnate. Grow or Expire’. It is all about being open to change and being flexible.

My friends be like the palm tree, bend in the wind no matter how strong that wind is. Go with the flow and don’t be too rigid.

Have a wonderful day and God bless.

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