I came across some Harvard research recently that was related to, the two most effective tools needed today for 21st Century executives; can you have a guess as to what you think are the two most important or effective skills or tools that executives need in the 21st Century to lead organisations well?

Well, they may surprise you, because they are a little bit different, but these two things are: Meditation and Intuition, I thought, to relate this best to you, I want to refer to one of John Maxwell’s best-selling books, which is the ‘21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership’ these are Laws of Leadership, which means, (the way John explains it), they don’t depend on a person’s belief. You don’t have to believe this information or even like it, but they’re Laws, which means they apply, with or without your consent, or your belief, and one of the laws in this book is the law of Intuition.

The reason I am mentioning this is because John puts so much importance on it. He also says that out of all of these laws, the most difficult one to teach is the law of intuition, the reason for that is when people are natural born leaders, they instinctively understand, however when people don’t have any natural leadership ability or haven’t developed it at all, perhaps they don’t even understand or trust their own intuition, they can be quite confused when we talk about this chapter. I would like to refer to a couple of things in this book so you can understand why it is so important. One of the first things that John says is, it really helps inform leaders in all areas of the organisation, it also helps in being most effective in making quick decisions such as employee morale, organisational momentum, or the dynamics within a team. He also talks about the ability of leaders to just be able to read a situation; that kind of sensing, that knowing, which helps guide them and to make quick and effective decisions.

Also leaders are readers of trends, now that you understand this, how many companies do you know that are trendsetters or are an innovative company? These great companies either set the trend, they launch their product and they innovate, right in front, as that trend is taking place. These companies basically take the lead, and they have all the success. Well a great example of this is Apple. Steve Jobs, you may or may not know, he was actually fired from Apple, the company that he was one of the founders of, in the mid 1980’s. When the computer market share went down, towards the end of the late 1990’s Apple hired Steve Jobs back. What he did in a very short period of time completely turned the company around, he deleted 70% of all their projects, and in doing this he put Apple back on top. That’s intuition. One of the other major things he did, which really surprised people is, he mended the bridge with, what they would term, his arch enemy, their arch rival, Microsoft. They settled their dispute and Microsoft paid Apple $150 Million, he then used that 150 Million Dollars to invest in the innovations that he was doing. The minute he mended that bridge (and most people said he was crazy) Apple stock went up that day, by about 33 %.

Steve Jobs was a creative intuitive genius when no one was interested in creating a portable device for playing and storing digital audio and video files, he focused 100% of his attention  on this project and said, “This is leading the way for a digital lifestyle”;

That year Apple got about 70 to 80% in market share of MP3 devices and to this day is a leader in cutting edge technology. This is a perfect example of leadership intuition and how it can really change the results of a company significantly. When it comes to intuition, John Maxwell really puts a lot of emphasis this subject and talks about understanding your own level of intuition also being able to learn to trust it and develop it. I’d like to talk to you about how you can improve your intuition; the Silva Method is a four day dynamic guided meditation programme.

In the Silva Method we’re actually using the mind and we are programming it for success or for our goals, to achieve what want, even for better health. In dynamic meditation we are in the Alpha state, and the Alpha state is where we have the most creativity, the best ability to solve problems, we are calm, we are relaxed, we can de-stress straight away, which is really important for executives today, and that’s where we also access most of our intuition. And the great thing about the Silva Method is, when you leave the programme, you’re able to access that Alpha state by simply putting your three fingers together. It’s something that we programme within the course. What that allows you to do is, you can access any resourceful state, just by putting your three fingers together, whether that’s to come down from a very stressful experience, get more creativity, helping to solve a problem that’s really important at work or accessing your intuition. Two out of the four days are actually Intuition Development and you will be extremely surprised as to how intuitive you really are.

Everyone has intuition, it’s all about developing it, learning to access it, and then learning to trust it and refine it. And that’s what we do in the Silva Method. So my friends if you want any more information on the Silva Method please visit the website. Otherwise, have a wonderful day and God bless.

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