And you’ll grow wings on the way down

Silva Method Instructor and Life Coach Sydney

We attract what we think. Do we KNOW how we do this, exactly? Often not. We just feel stuck. Understanding the power of your subconscious mind and how it drives your behaviour and results is of utmost importance, especially when are stuck and want to better results. This video will help you.

 In 2015 Jeanine decided to leave Corporate, follow her heart and pursue her true passions, focusing on 2 things:


  • Helping people become more successful, self-reliant and empowered
  • Helping people create more wealth through investing in property

Check out some ways we can work together to improve your life by managing and reducing stress, reprogramming your subconscious mind to create the results you want, transform your life through the powerful process of coaching, meditation, empowering your kids and more.

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We all have the power to create a life of our own design and live our dreams.

Through working with Jeanine, you will have the confidence to move forward by overcoming limiting beliefs and gaining a higher awareness of your Infinite potential and how to tap into it.

You’ll experience a fulfilling and rewarding journey of personal growth that will not only leave you feeling motivated, but self-reliant and optimistic to continue reaching higher towards becoming the grandest version of yourself.

Jeanine’s growth mindset is infectious, and her inspirational, professional and empowering influence to deliver content as speaker, trainer and mentor will be a transformational experience you’ll really enjoy.

Step into your best self, become a better leader, increase your confidence and influence and create the life of your own design.  Working together, Jeanine will move you, or your team in the desired direction to reach your goals and achieve greater results.

Jeanine believes her life purpose is to add value to others and help them reach their potential and live happier, healthier and wealthier lives.

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